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Microsoft has achieved it once more, they have created an ingenious new advertising and marketing marketing campaign… Err… New sport that you could have heard of currently that pits you against a hundred other Xbox Live game enthusiasts in a test of reflexes and intelligence.

1 vs 100 is Microsoft’s attempt to convey advertisers and game enthusiasts together in a trivia show fashion placing, a great deal inside the identical way as .ca domains Who Wants to be a Millionaire or Deal or No Deal however geared more towards gamers. The sport will absolutely be performed and hosted in real time over Xbox Live wherein players will compete against each other in an attempt to win actual prizes like free Xbox Live Arcade games or Microsoft factors. The crowd may even participate and win prizes as nicely if they can outwit “The One”. The sport remains in a Beta section proper now so human beings are just playing for fun however as soon as its prepared for launch they need to begin including prizes.

This sound like a top notch idea and if they are able to pull it off, it’ll entice loads of informal game enthusiasts and even some non gamers to sit down and play. It will also give gamers a threat to benefit a touch little bit of notoriety if they’re capable perform nicely enough during the sport. Microsoft had higher no longer charge us to play the game even though, as they need to be incomes lots of sales from each of one vs one hundred’s many sponsors. Yes there are commercials periodically proven to you as you play the game however in my view, that’s would be a small price to pay for a FREE sport that permits you to win REAL prizes.

Which brings me to the topic of this article I’m writing. As I became surfing my Xbox dashboard in advance I got here across the little ad that they’d placed for a 1 vs 100 sweepstakes that is happening for the following couple of weeks in which players may be entered right into a drawing for numerous prizes just by using playing 1 vs 100 for the duration of positive eligible instances. Nothing special virtually, simply some other sweepstakes this is meant to draw greater human beings to the sport. The traditional PR stuff that Microsoft does for all of their “cash cow” highbrow homes. Except in this one especially I observed something very, properly… Funny to be honest, buried deep in the criminal disclaimer of this sweepstakes that Microsoft has posted on their web website online and on Xbox live.

Now I recognize what your wondering, “Who the hell reads that crap?” and I say to you… I do now and again because I actually have always found them to be form of funny. I get a chuckle out of ways an awful lot crap they should placed into their disclaimers just to guard themselves from being sued by way of us.
Anyway right here is what is written on their felony web page, this an excerpt that is copied and pasted at once from it:

“6) GENERAL CONDITIONS: Sweepstakes entrants conform to be certain with the aid of the terms of those reputable guidelines. The laws of america govern this Sweepstakes. All federal, country, provincial, and nearby legal guidelines and rules follow. Each potential winner could be notified via U.S. Mail and/or e mail inside two (2) weeks of the prize drawing. If you are selected as a capability winner and you’re a Canadian resident, you’ll be required to properly solution, without help of any type, whether or not mechanical or in any other case, a time-confined mathematical ability-checking out query to be administered via phone*. If you answer the talent-trying out question incorrectly, as determined by us in our sole discretion, you’ll be disqualified and, at our discretion, an trade winner shall be chosen from among all ultimate eligible entries.”

Did you trap that? It appears to that Microsoft (the promoter of this sweepstakes) does no longer want to offer you a prize if you manifest to live in Canada and can not solution their “time-confined mathematical talent-checking out question”. Can’t even use a damn calculator or the net, geez. I sense awful for all the silly Canadians accessible but that still begs the question(s).

Why are they testing a Canadian citizens’ math capabilities for winning a prize?

Why does not a US citizen should take the check? Do they suppose Americans are too silly to even trouble giving a check to in the first region?

I do not know however it positive does make you observed Microsoft is losing their collective minds again or they just plain do not need there merchandise within the palms of mathematically challenged Canadians.

If you need to see the disclaimer for your self I even have provided a hyperlink below. Look for it beneath section 6.